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Metro News: New York City Pride Guide

New York City Pride Guide

Pride listings

The Rally
Saturday, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Rumsey Playfield, Central Park, 72nd St. and Fifth Ave., Free
Hosted by Chelsea Lately and “The Tonight Show” regular Ross Matthews, the rally will see numerous performances and motivational speakers taking the stage. Comedian Christine O’Leary is also slated to be making an appearance at the event. Join them and hear how the LGBT community resonates a sense of “Pride and Powerful,” which is also the theme of the Pride events this year.

Rapture on the River: A Women’s Dance
Saturday, June 25,
3 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Pier 54, Hudson River Park
13th St. and W. Side Hwy., $25-$75,
Starting off the party with a 2-for-1 happy hour from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., Rapture will progress into a night of dancing with music spun by the legendary DJs Susan Levine and Mary Mac — definitely the party for all lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer-identified women. 
Sunday, June 26,
11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Hudson St., between
Abingdon Square and W.
14th St., free,
The PrideFest event is in its 18th, and it continues to bring together local residents and families — and increasingly, out-of-state visitors as well. Vendors and entertainers bring the celebration to the streets.
The March
Sunday, June 26, noon
36th St. and Fifth Ave., free
The LGBT Pride March commemorates the Stonewall Riots and raises awareness for civil rights issues and causes. It is a celebration of love and the freedom to express and be oneself. Don’t miss the world’s oldest Pride event!

Dance on the Pier: Dance 25
Sunday, June 26
2 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Pier 54, Hudson River Park
13th St. and W. Side Hwy., $55-$200,
The last event of Pride Week, Dance on the Pier promises to bring its participants a whole night of fun as DJs from both the local scene and Brazil are invited to join the party. After the PrideFest event and The March, consider swinging by Pier 54 as the crowd dances the night away against the western skyline.

Published: June 16, 2011 7:22 p.m.
Last modified: June 16, 2011 7:32 p.m.

Addit. Reporting for Metro News: The Word: Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian had a better start to their Labor Day than you did


Kris and Kim were welcomed to NYC in style on Wednesday.

Published: September 05, 2011 5:59 p.m.
Last modified: September 05, 2011 6:06 p.m.
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Newlyweds Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries kicked off their Labor Day weekend in style at a huge soiree hosted by media guru Jason Binn and party planner extraordinaire Colin Cowie. Titled “A Night of Style & Glamour,” celebs like Tinsley Mortimer, Lance Bass, Kyle MacLachlan, La La Anthony, Greta van Susteren and Sonja Morgan gathered at the huge, gilded party space Capitale to celebrate on Wednesday night. “Everything she does is big and over the top. So who better than the two of us to get together and roll out a party welcoming her to New York?” Cowie told reporters while working the red carpet. “With that in mind, we bring great entertainment, beautiful people, fabulous cocktails, extraordinary food and a lot of surprises.” Here’s how East Coasters who weren’t invited (or couldn’t attend) the California wedding celebrated the couple:

“I just asked her about throwing a party in New York and they said that would be wonderful. So I called up Cowie and said we should do it. He was generous to donate his time and energy to create something I’ve never seen before.”
— Jason Binn, party co-host

“We’re coming out with a book and we’re giving it to Kim as a wedding present. You need to know how to cook to keep a man. We’ve been together for 13 years and we’re hoping to convince Kim to throw our wedding.” — Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr. Brent Ridge (aka: The Fabulous Beekman Boys) on their new cookbook, “The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook”

“Just enjoy it — the first two years are the best. Enjoy it, Kim! Take every moment with your man.”— Sonja Morgan’s advice for the bride

With additional reporting by Claudia Kassab

Addit. Reporting for Metro News: When Biebs met The Wintour

Brooklyn Decker, Justin Bieber and Anna Wintour at Fashion’s Night Out. Below, an artistic rendering of the results if Bieber and Wintour swapped hair styles.

Published: September 11, 2011 6:14 p.m.
Last modified: September 11, 2011 6:19 p.m.
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On Thursday night, during Fashion’s Night Out, Dolce & Gabbana’s Madison Avenue shop turned from hosting a sophisticated soiree to an absolute madhouse once Justin Bieber showed up. Decked head to toe in the designer, Bieber brought the paparazzi — and hoards of screaming young fans (they were lining up to buy $195 D&G autographed shirts; a portion of proceeds went to Bieber’s favorite charity). Other big names at the FNO event included Tyson Beckford, Chase Crawford, Brooklyn Decker, Sophia Bush, Usher and Anna Wintour.

Beckford chatted with Metro on his style muse: “I’m inspired by walking down the street every day,” he said. “I’m inspired by other guys, how they dress. [But] I really want to do this [Dolce & Gabbana] James Bond tuxedo, that thing is sick.”

When we finally got through the throngs of reporters, we asked Bieber what was one item he couldn’t live without. And he actually had a sensible answer: “My shoes,” he said. He even gabbed a bit about recording two new albums, saying, “I’ve been focusing a lot on my Christmas album. I’m excited about the final outcome.”

And although our reporter couldn’t hear what was said when the superstar actually met Anna Wintour at the event, let’s hope it had something to do with one day swapping their iconic hairstyles.

— With additional reporting by Claudia Kassab

Scepter Student Newspaper: Student Government Strut Their Stuff By Claudia Kassab

Student Government Strut Their Stuff
By Claudia Kassab
This spring, the KCC Student Government hosted an open house event to spread awareness on campus and recruit students interested in becoming actively involved in student activities. With a table situated in the Breezeway, the Student Government provided detailed information about the club as well as distributed Student Government pins. Along the way to the cafeteria, it was hard to pass by without recognizing the rest of the tables each representing a different council.
Student Government

The Student Government consists of five councils: Business, Public Health, Math and Science, Liberal Arts, Part-time and Evening. Each with their own budget and plans for the spring semester, every council provides support to students with educational and sociable events each pertaining to their own domain.

From the second floor clusters, you could hear the music coming from the Public Health council room; it was a party in there. Each council room held their own informational with food and music.

The Evening and Part-time councils are led by President Steven A. Rodriquez. This council works for the benefit of all part-time and evening students. Located in room F-201, Rodriquez portrayed his passion saying it’s important to remember the students who aren’t able to be at school full time or during the day. They have a say when it comes to events on campus.

The Math and Science council serves the students of the sciences with Dennis Hamichand as vice president. A trip to the Bodies Exhibit is an event the council is working on. The council is also planning to set up new lab utility areas to help lab students. If one was to ever forget to bring goggles or a calculator to class, you would be sure to find a spare at the Math and Science council room.

The Business Council was successful in making themselves known for they were marketing themselves with utmost effort with Jonathan Colon as president of the council. Passionate in their ‘stock’ efforts, an event they are working on is a movie series featuring business related flicks, a Business game show, and a Business seminar with a special guest speaker from Goldman Sacs. They are currently looking for someone to fill in their secretary position.

All of the councils are involved in providing tickets to the Spiderman play on Broadway and Lion King, the Spring Fling, a trip to Six Flags and Mic Night.

The KCC peer advisor program is another project by the Office of Student Life advertised by the Student Government. Some of the responsibilities include giving direction and assistance to new students and their families, speaking to new students during orientation and assisting the faculty and administration at Awards Night and Graduation.

Crowds of students filled the clusters and council rooms full of curious students portrayed that the open house was a definite success. A diverse and ambitious pack, the student government is highly dedicated to helping students and working together. It is interesting to see different groups work as one; “students united will never be defeated.”

Short Fiction Review: The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin (1894)

  Mrs. Millard lost her husband in a railroad disaster. Her sister told her gently because Mrs. Millard has heart problems that can risk her health. Upon knowing the news through her sister who found out through her husband’s friend, Richards, she cried a lot and took heed in her bedroom. She sat facing an open window thinking about her astonishment. All of a sudden it hit her. She was free. Free from the power of man and all his burdens placed upon her. The wind was blowing through her hair and the sound of rain was heard, and the sound of music, all describing her re-birth and her new ability to feel again. Motionless, Mrs. Millard was a young calm individual whose been repressed too long in time. Her husband never showed her affection or love. She felt like this sense of power was processing her when in fact, it was joyfully exciting her. She was able to breathe again. 

   She then imagines the future when she is to see him in his coffin, dead. She pictures the occasion and knows that she will cry upon the sight of him. The kind hands folded and his face that never showed her love. Imagining all the years of freedom to come, she dismisses the imagery. 
    She would live for herself; this revelation served her with the best joy she had ever felt before in her life. Her sister Josephine begged her to open the door for she thought Mrs. Millard was ill in sadness. The front door opened and her husband walks in. The arrival kills Mrs. Millard. 
          I feel bad that the wife was so suppressed by her husband and making him happy that the happiness she felt was like no other feeling she had ever felt in her life. It was beyond her grasp as his appeared to be alive after all. The fact that throughout the story it wasn’t known what her name was. She was identified by her husband’s last name, Millard. I found that to be a nice trick. She was miserable in her life and I’m supposing it was what caused her heart problems. 
    Nowadays, a woman is able to leave her husband especially if she is unhappy with her marriage. Some women are so dependant on their husbands that they cannot leave them no matter how unhappy they are. It’s sad to know that one cannot live one’s life due to another person who according to society is “superior” when in fact, they are equal. 

Short Fiction Review: Karintha by Jean Toomer

Karintha is a girl that grows up so quickly because her beauty lures men twice her age to her thus forcing her to grow up early and fulfill her role.  Desired as a child, Karintha is shown in the beginning of the short story as a child na├»ve of life and love. At youth, she was so beautiful that men ignored women their age and went after her waiting for her to be old enough to mate with her. At 12, she was mischievous but nonetheless, her beauty and youth granted her an easy way out for to everyone, she was an innocent flower. Rumors about her circled the society, and thus, her youth was jeopardized.  Her mother and father would mate right next to where the children would sleep thus she was exposed to love making at an early age. She was tempted to imitate it with a boy and thus, called it play ‘home’. That began everything. Being a woman, she is cornered by old men who once went after her when she was a child. In anger, she indulges them manipulating them. She has young men hovering by her side. Men go study, and the city making their money and fulfilling their careers. She on the other hand, has been married many times and bore a child. She was “ripened” too soon, beauty ended her. 
   Karintha was never able to live a proper childhood. She was never able to have fun as a child because she was always surrounded by men interested in mating with her because of her beauty. She wasn’t able to be rebellious either because she was always the good girl due to her angelic features. She was also openly exposed to sex as a child, which isn’t good for children her age. When she played home with that boy, I felt bad that she compared home to lovemaking by saying play home. Home should be a place of family, comfort, shelter, and a caring atmosphere. The men in her life were all selfish for they robbed her of a childhood. Due to all these problems she had that she never asked for, she bore a child and had many husbands. She was never able to get a proper education, earn her own money or lived independent from her spouse/partner. 

Her sole existence was through the men who court her. Her unequal state, large gender issues and social barriers examined the lack of women’s rights. They selfishly destroyed her youth she was forced to partake in her society’s expectation of being reproductive. Women were so suppressed by men that their rights were not existent for the longest time. The end highlighted her deep state of unhappiness. 

Short Fiction Review: A pair of silk stockings by Kate Chopin

    A feeling of importance came over Mrs. Sommers after she found fifteen dollars one day and through temptation of dazzling goods, she indulges. At first, whilst she thought of what she should do with the money she imagines that spending it on I think her children. On new dresses and shoes, she decides to do just that with her money. That day, after fulfilling her household duties of cleaning and tending to her children’s needs, she leaves the house without attending to herself. Faintly, she goes to buy the items for her children. A woman used to cheap items and a skill for bargaining, Mrs. Sommers decides to change her ways and buy a pair of silk stockings. The luxury tempted her for more. She then bought shoes and gloves. A sense of assurance and wealth gave her a feeling she hasn’t felt before. 
  Her desires didn’t weaken; she got lunch and then watched a theatre play. There she meets a women beyond her social rank but wasn’t ever noticed. She never had a stare fixed on her and that brought her joy. She awaited a cable car, and thus, a man opposite her fixed his eyes on her symbolizing the desire for this “dream” to never end. 

Mrs. Sommer’s role has always been to be the barer of children and take care of them and the household. That was the only purpose she had. When she found the money, the first thing she thought to do with it was to cater to her children. Her life changed when she felt something as exquisite as silk. The desire for beautiful things tempted her for more. More and more, she lived the life in the shoes of someone in a higher social rank than herself. She wasn’t looked down as poor and that made her feel like she belonged, that she wasn’t insignificant. She disguised herself so well that she was also able to befriend a lady of high stature at the theatre.

Women were suppressed into a role of motherhood at such a young age that that was all they knew. It was rare for women to have the opportunity to go pursue a career or education. Being independent for a woman was looked down on and never easy to do. Being poor on top of that sort of life seems like misery to the modern woman. Our society has come a long way since those times of suppression. Women live an equal life alongside men and are able to choose to be a housewife, professional, or both. Trailer Thoughts: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Claudia Kassab

With an ax in one hand and his signature hat in the other, the 16th president of the United States Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) slays vampires after witnessing the horrors behind the evil undead that roam New England and discovers their plans to take over the United States.
Adapted from the novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” is a gruesome action flick based on the historic life story of our brave president and the fictitious discovery of a hidden secret.
A long line of ancestors has taken on the responsibility of being the vampire hunter and protecting mankind from blood-sucking vampires. Lincoln’s secret diaries document his discovery of the undead as a child as he witnesses his mother viciously slaughtered by a vampire. Vengeance and rage fuels his passion and newly found destiny as a vampire hunter.
Many years later, Lincoln is elected into the United States Senate, but discovers a demonic plan by the vampires to take over the United States. With a bloody ax as his weapon and a mysterious black coat to conceal his identity, Lincoln begins his mission to hunt down and destroy every vampire until none is left.
“Wanted” director, Timur Bekmambetov uses his flare for brutal action in “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” in the mist of dark, grisly producer Tim Burton-style graphics and visuals. With an exceptional twist on history, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” is one to watch out for. Also starring, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rufus Sewell, and Dominic Cooper.
It is scheduled for a June 22 release. Trailer Thoughts 'Snow White and the Huntsman’ by Claudia Kassab

“Lips red as blood, hair dark as night. Bring me your heart, my dear, dear Snow White”
The story of Snow White has been the new trend, with ABC’s new TV show, “Once Upon a Time” as well as a film coming out this month starring Julia Roberts, “Mirror Mirror.”
What is to say that this twist is different from the rest?
With an idea of a morbid spin on the classic fairytale alongside a world-renowned cast, from Twilight star Kristen Stewart to Charlize Theron, “Snow White and the Huntsman” is unique.
In a twisted plot to murder her stepdaughter Snow White  (Stewart), the merciless Queen Ravenna (Theron), enraged by her Magic Mirror’s (Christopher Obi) predictions and orders a heartless huntsman, Eric (Chris Hemsworth) to murder the innocent princess. By engulfing her heart, the ruthless Queen gets the chance at an immortal life and eternal reign. The “Fairest One of All” Snow White escapes into the Dark Forest only to be caught by the Huntsman. Eric pities the lovely Snow White and becomes her protector and mentor thus initiating an armed force of seven dwarves alongside the heroic Prince Charming (Sam Claflin) in rebellion against the wicked queen.
Famous for his work in commercial advertising, Director Rupert Sanders chose this fairytale as he makes his debut in Hollywood. Having worked on advertising for the majority of his career, Sanders has a knack for great visuals. This is seen as he makes the famous mirror on the wall morph into human form flowing ghost-like on the screen.
“Snow White and the Huntsman” is a visually enhancing, sinister spin on the classic fairytale. In an undying story of good verses evil, it features gruesome battle scenes depicting the ugly feud between the Queen and her step daughter as well as the romanesque battle of the two opposing armies.
The action-adventure features elaborate costumes portraying the lovely Snow White as a damsel in distress turned bad-ass heroine as well as the extraordinary use of visuals and breath-taking locations. Not to mention the state-of -the-art CGI depicting the brutality of war and the beauty of love. Scenes sensationally captures the Kingdom at its richest and the drastic evil reign of the wicked queen upon the land and its people. Nothing can be more impacting than a grim action packed twist on our classic love story.
“Snow White and the Huntsman” arrives in theatres on June 1st. Born on a Rooftop by Claudia Kassab

A busy street full of restaurants and businesses lies a hole in the wall door that leads your down a flight of stairs to a multitude of doors full of sound and rhythm.
The sound emanated from the corner, it sounds like rock, or rap. On second thought, maybe it was soul music. All I knew was that it sounded good. I wander aimlessly into the dungeon of sound waves followed by urban sounds of beats and sound. The floor was covered with wires of all sizes and the room was full of instruments engulfed by four walls, any band’s sanctuary.
Behind that door is a band that emerges to be not only musically talented but also unique, Stereo Crowd.
Originating from the rooftops of South Harlem, Vferg begins by relating their accidental start one night. As they put it, a guy with gear provided them with a stage and the opportunity to play the instruments. Everyone just started playing something, thus, the band was formed. Forming a series of rooftop jams, the musicians got together for jam sessions and thus encouraged by founders, Paul-Anthony and Vferg to become a group.
From that, they’ve become something much more serious.
“It’s not just music anymore; it became something a whole lot bigger. Bringing more people in Stereo Crowd became a band open to many musical talents” says Paul-Anthony, singer and guitarist.
Stereocrowd never thought they would get to where they are right now. A diverse and unique band, Stereo Crowd is known for being anything but ordinary. The band consists of guitarist and singer, Paul-Anthony, bassist and singer, Vferg, guitarist Robert Keith and drummer Jaime, who explains his funky hairstyle as “shark from the front and a rooster from the side.” While they have other guest singers and musicians join the band for performances, they are the quartet that are responsible for the band’s unique sound.
Cross-genre, eccentric-ism and jamming, all words used to describe Stereo Crowd’s sound. There’s no formula or limit to the sounds of the band. They are compared with the Black Eyed Peas style hip-hop combined with the amped-up angst of The Black Keys, the multi-talented flexibility of the Roots and sprinkled with a little Soul and R&B. Fusions of alternative rock with rap in their sound have them calling themselves the “ambassadors of urban alternative,” music forming a new sound to the music scene.
During their live performances, Stereo Crowd tends to feed off the crowd, attending to the likes and dislikes of the audience. At times, they would play something and fans would request a song.
“We tend to write songs with the vibes of the crowd, and get requests like oh, play that song about a skateboard,” says Paul- Anthony.
Recently, they played a show at Wagner College, where the college girls where going nuts and they opened for “Girl Talk.” Their sound is nothing like any other urban band, Vferg and John-Anthony both collaborate on lyrics and songs. Both sing on the record. Having played shows around the city from the Bowery Poetry Club to Wagner College, Stereo Crowd is growing fast and will become a band to look out for. You'd be a 'Sucker' To Avoid This 'Punch' by Claudia Kassab

From guns to fire-breathing dragons and samurais to zombie soldiers, “Sucker Punch” is a new-age styled flick covered in action sequences, hot chicks and a story line that’s hard to care too much about. If only this it was reality. Then we’d care.
But between those action-packed scenes, sexy leather outfits and dark and demented settings that remind us of those video games we all love, the film ends up satisfying. Director Zack Snyder, best known for movies such as “300″ and “The Watchmen,” has that special touch when it comes to extraordinary stunts.
Because of that, the film is a success, albeit a brainless one.
It all revolves around an estranged young girl with a bizarre past, Baby Doll (Emily Browning), who ends up in a mental institution, where she then begins her bizarre twist on reality, “Sucker Punch.” Baby Doll leads her crew of bad ass girls, Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish), the outspoken Rocket (Jena Malone), the street-smart Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens) and the fiercely loyal Amber (Jamie Chung) in a mission to free themselves from the evil mental hell and the hands of Blue (Oscar Isaac) and Madam Gorski (Carla Gugino). She finds it more comforting to imagine that she is trapped in a brothel, where Gorski is the dance teacher and Blue is the pimp where the girls are forced to dance for their clients, under penalty of death.
However, in reality, she is placed in a mental institution after her mother dies and her sister is raped by her outraging drunken step-father. A psychologically disturbing state of being, Baby Doll begins her journey in an unreal world, fighting the powers that be in an attempt to escape her fate.
In spite of this plot and conflict, Snyder is not concerned about whether we care about the storyline or the development of the characters, because he knows better than anyone that we don’t. All we want to know is if the girls escape or not and how and what new obstacles will stand in their way and how they’ll fight their way through it.
What helps this process is that on this adventure, the special effects were stunning and because of this, each battle an inspired romp. As a result, the film has a solid pace to it.
An enjoyable film overall, “Sucker Punch” will make you feel like you’re playing a game that forces you to run for my own life. Imagining it as a video game, where the armed, bad-ass chicks have to gain points to better aid their dangerous escape through the maze of dungeons of the mental insanity, is nothing but fun-filled hysteria. Nintendo Goes 3-D by Claudia Kassab

UNION SQUARE, NYC- With the smell of hot dogs and pretzels filling the brisk air, Nintendo debuted its first ever 3D gaming device, the 3DS, with entertainment, freebies and thrill at Union Square this past Friday.
The release of the new I-Pad and several other tablets released this year have forced many companies to play catch up, but Nintendo could care less. Simply out to further its dominance in handheld gaming, the iconic video game company pulled out all the stops.
“It’s like the super bowl; either you watch it on TV or attend it,” said Steven Kordia, who withstood his position as first on-line since 11 am the day before the launch and was eager to play the new Street Fighter title for the console.
However, the camp out wasn’t as packed as expected, about a hundred people showed up- more arrived after the sun had set and after the launch and festivities were already underway. During the time leading up to the launch however, volunteers navigated the site and passed out freebies from bags and hats to hot dogs and pretzels. Packets of hand warmers were the most requested.
In separate areas, the launch site took place on the corner of Best Buy on 14th street, while the test location was in the heart of Union Square, just across the street. With as many as six games to demo, gamers were able to see what the system was capable of. While the overwhelming effect of the 3D on the eyes was strong, it is adjustable and easy for any gamer to get used to and enjoy.
Nevertheless, fans are hungry for more.
“I’m looking for more games being available, like Zelda,” said gamer Makeda Bensie.