Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our Social Responsibility to Clones

The ethical treatment of humans among humans should have the same impact when it comes to cloned humans. A human being has a right to have as many children they want. Therefore, if one is to give life to a cloned being, they are playing God and thus, must provide it with similar rights as God has given us. Cloned beings would have feeling and emotions equal to human beings thus one cannot experiment on them or make decisions for them on issues pertaining to their organs which would be a possibility concerning the need of organ donors. We must respect it as a human being like you and me.
Clones deserve to be nurtured as if human beings. With proper ethical treatment and rights, clones can live a peaceful life. The same reasoning falls on in vitro fertilization, simply, we are creating a human being. It is not only a belief of mine but also a well known fact that all living things have a soul or essence. One cannot argue against that because without it, we would exist without feelings and emotions that help us form our individual personalities. Despite the physical resemblance, clones look like fellow humans but do not have their exact personalities. These clones can become our new world leaders and bring change to our corrupt world.
As a technologically advanced society, we have to support our creations we give life to with the same ethical treatment and support we possibly can. Otherwise, we will have to endure the consequences when our creations retaliate or fight for their rights. We must take this initiative with precaution and do what is right for mankind.

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